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Pharaoh and the After Life

As part of their Topic work on the Ancient Egyptians, Year Three have been learning about the role of a Pharaoh. They learned that the pharaoh made laws that would keep everyone safe, that he was in charge of the army and only pharaoh could ask the gods for help, particularly praying for the River Nile to ‘flood’ each year. The children are now aware that a sign of Pharaoh’s power was the ‘Ankh’ or in the case of Osiris, ‘a Sceptre and Flail’. They understand that the Ancient Egyptians believed in an ‘After Life’ and therefore the pharaohs were buried with all their possessions that signified ‘power and wealth’. Pharaoh would also be buried with ‘amulets’ (Good Luck charms) such as a ‘Scarab Beetle’ or the ‘Eye of Horus’. Thank you to Mrs. Hind for such a great lesson. I can recall my own experience at Primary School, where I developed a passion and love of all things Egyptian. I am sure the Year Three children loved it.