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A Gift of Sheer Beauty

We received a wonderful surprise earlier this week when this incredible book arrived for us at school. Its called The Lost Words and is a joint work between Jackie Morris and Rob MacFarlane. The staff at Bolton at Home, had crowdfunded enough money to send a copy of this book to every school in Bolton. We cannot tell you how beautiful and stunning it is. We intend to leave it in the entrance hall, so please come and have a look. Our Year Six children were inspired by the nostalgic vibes of ‘Lost Words’ and also by the short animation ‘The Piano.’ With very little input from Mrs Critchley on poetic style, they were asked to create an emotive poem of their own. Some based them on the nostalgia of others; some on personal experiences, but the end result was the same from them all…amazing! Here are two fantastic examples of just how talented our children are:

Nostalgia –by Jessika

Running through the fields of the past
Friends from my childhood by my side.
Climbing up… further than yesterday,
Up to where sky meets space.
Over the hill to where the stream runs
Into the carpet of heather where the trees are dense.
We’ve roved miles through forest and fields
Only heading home when the sun is no longer
We ran from the golden horizon.

Piano – by Isabelle 
(In the style of Michael Rosen)
It all started when I first touched a piano
And how much fun it was…
Just pushing any old key
And making the worst racket.
Now I have such enjoyment;
Playing the songs my grandma played
To my mum.
The songs my mum played to me.
My mum cries with pride, Generations of pianists continued.