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Thriving school sport and after school clubs

School Sport is one of the strengths of Clevelands and we believe that all children should regularly take part in a variety of sporting activities. There are activities for everyone and this is supplemented in the Upper School with athletics and competitive team games.

We believe that all children should have the chance to represent the school in matches and competitions appropriate to their ability. Matches are arranged with local schools in football, rugby, cricket, netball, and rounders. The school also takes part in swimming galas and gymnastics competitions. Within school, inter-house matches are keenly contested, with sportsmanship actively monitored and promoted so that everyone can get involved in school sports.

In addition to the core curriculum activities, extra after school clubs provide an outlet for the children’s sporting interest, including football, rugby, netball and much more. Swimming is introduced from Year Two, with each class taking lessons at the local pool. This helps to further their physical, mental, and social development, with qualities such as socialisation and a boost in confidence and self-esteem reinforcing the benefits of swimming for pupils at Clevelands.