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Our Rooms

Little Stars (6 months - 18 months)

In the Baby Room, we tailor the EYFS Framework to meet the needs of our youngest learners. The staff plan activities according to the age and stage of each baby’s development and interest. Activities are based around key areas of learning such as Sensory Play, Tummy Time, Music, and Songs. Sensory activities include Messy Play, Arts and Crafts, Food Exploration, and Sand and Water play. The staff also incorporate a Nursery Rhyme and Book, into their weekly planning to provide opportunities for growth and development.

Little Bear (18 months - 3 years) 

In the Toddler Room, our main focus is to build confidence; this is the time we see children develop core skills in communication and language, physical development, and independence. Staff provide activities to embed key skills that develop Attention and Listening, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, and Self-Care. Toys and equipment are available for self-selection and child-initiated play.

Little Gems (3 years - 4 years) 

In the Pre-School Room, our focus is independence and equipping each child with the skills and knowledge to transition into Primary School. Children can access every area of the curriculum during continuous provision (free play). The main areas of learning are Phonics, Role Play, Creative Skills, Small World, Language and Literacy, and Maths. Self-Care is promoted through several aspects of the day including handwashing, toileting, mealtimes, and transition between indoor and outdoor provision.