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Little Gems Nursery

A Day in the Life

7:30am – Breakfast time! We enjoy eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast with our friends, ready for a fun-filled day ahead.

8:15am – Downstairs, we start the day with Bucket Time. We enjoy playing with visually engaging toys from the Bucket which help us to develop our attention span.

8:45am – We all join in for carpet time. We say good morning, talk about the weather, and plan our day. Plus, we get to read exciting stories and watch educational videos!

9:00am – Time to get busy! We do all sorts of fun activities like Music, Sensory play, Baking, and Crafts. Every day is a new adventure!

9:30am – Snack time! We’ve worked up an appetite, so we munch on tasty snacks, before returning to our activities and outdoor exploration.

10:50am – Tidy up time! We love moving in new ways as we wipe, sweep, and dust. Cleaning up our toys is not only fun, but also a great way to exercise our muscles!

11:00am – Time for lunch! After washing our hands, we head to the canteen to have lunch with the big children, making new friends whilst enjoying delicious food.

11:40am – After lunch, we wash our faces and get active with fun activities like yoga and dance.

12:00pm – It’s time for outdoor adventures in our playground! We climb frames, explore the pond to learn about pond life, and embrace the messiness that comes with outdoor fun.

1:15pm – After our outdoor escapades, we come inside, wash our hands, and revisit our morning activities. We can explore activities we may have missed or relive the ones we loved.

2:30pm – Another snack! We wind down with a healthy snack and a reflection of the day, whilst listening to a relaxing story.

3:30pm –Some children end their learning day at this time. Parents collect and are ready to hear all about our action-packed day, before another exciting day tomorrow!

3:45pm – For children who stay for the rest of the afternoon, we continue with our learning by revisiting the exciting activities from earlier in the day. We love the familiarity so we can be comfortable and confident to experiment and interact!

4:15pm – Let’s get outside! We put down our resources and go outdoors for some free play and fresh air. It’s a great opportunity to let our imaginations run wild.

5:00pm – We slow our day down with some relaxing carpet time, gathering together to enjoy a captivating story from the school library. This is usually linked with our weekly theme or topic.

5:30pm – As children in nursery slowly begin to leave for the end of their busy days, we spend the remaining time in setting with some continuous provision.

6:00pm – Our learning day comes to an end, and we all go home and refresh ourselves for another fun filled day ahead tomorrow.