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Extending Horizons

Our Pre-School children extend their horizons

An early introduction to inspirational cultural experiences broadens horizons and helps children develop new modes of expression and understanding of the world. The teaching philosophy we have seeks to promote the joy of learning, and Pre-School life is enriched with a variety of visitors and visits, giving your child everything they will need to flourish.

Children gain invaluable insight into different cultures, occupations, and life in the wider world, broadening their horizons and helping them to develop a new understanding of the world they live in. By encouraging Pre-School children to join in with the Infant and Junior children with charity events, plays, and assemblies, they have even more opportunity to develop, grow, and learn.

Outdoor learning will benefit your child. As we are lucky enough to have extensive grounds, parts have become an ‘outdoor classroom’, providing many opportunities for hands-on learning in the natural world. This helps to build creativity, confidence, and independence, offering a refreshing change of pace from the traditional classroom setting.