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Poems in the style of Roger McGough

Year Six have been busy writing analogy poems in the style of Roger McGough this week. We studied his poem 'Crocodile in the City' and tried to create similar poems with different meanings. Here are two of them below:


Panda's Life Savers 

The Panda always played with his friends,

But Panda had a big secret.


Koala says to Panda,

"Why are you so chubby? You must eat at least

One hundred cakes a day."


Panda doesn't like it but doesn't want

to tell anybody.


Rhino says to Panda,

"You have no friends because

You are stupid."


Panda doesn't like this either,

But still doesn't tell anybody.


Giraffe says to Panda

"You're silly,

You know that don't you?"


Lion saw this one day and

Gathered all of Panda's friends around,

So they could stick up for him.


They went over to Giraffe and said,

"Why are you being mean to our mate?"


Giraffe immediately walked over to 

Rhino and Koala,

From that day on they left Panda alone.




Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the Kennel


Labradors push their attractive fur around,

Chattering under the sun.


Alsatians pound the fields,

Watching the Labradors.


Pugs totter around each group,

Being their messengers.


Scotties chase the birds,

Not intending to hurt them.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier comes in,

Labradors and Alsatians flee together.


Pugs try to deal with them,

But are too confident.


Scotties run far away...